Social Networking Tips

Social networking is kind of like gardening: you need to tend to it regularly to see success. One or two “Tweets” is probably not going to make you an instant success. Building up interest, developing your audience and connecting with them regularly will create great success for just about […]

Social networking is kind of like gardening: you need to tend to it regularly to see success. One or two "Tweets" is probably not going to make you an instant success. Building up interest, developing your audience and connecting with them regularly will create great success for just about any type of business.

Wondering what to say when you use a social network? Start by looking at some of your competitors, see what they are doing. You may like - or not like - what they do, and this will give you some ideas. Every company and person have their own "voice" and style. Find your "voice" and think about what would interest your customers.
Some who want to use social networking truly don't know what would interest their customers; they just aren't sure what to say. We think two things could be going on: 1) you're feeling a little shy, and that's okay - or - 2) you need to clarify who your target customer is. 
For some, they worry specifically what they'll say. We suggest you plan a few "Tweets" ahead of time or make a plan for using other social networking tools. Most likely once you see on paper how you'll use social networking, you'll feel more confident about doing so.
One of the biggest challenges with social networking for many businesses can be to keep up with it - because it is a task that needs to be done regularly. Fortunately, if you are organised, it doesn't have to take a lot of time. Many find they can do most of their social networking in under an hour each day.
Be patient with your social networking. Don't compare your social networking to that big competitor who has 10,000 "friends" or followers now. Set goals and focus on achieving them. If you work on your social networking for an hour a day, you may be surprised at how much you can accomplish. Social Networking Integration
Remember always: quality over quantity. Some who use social networking think they need to "blast" their followers with tonnes of content. Not so! Actually, if you focus on sending out a bit of useful content each day that your customers will appreciate, they will probably notice you more (and enjoy and look forward to your content) than if you send them more and more "fluff" content that just makes noise. Fluff content will also probably get you "unfollowed" by many who realise you don't have anything interesting to say.
There are many reasons companies love social networking - probably many of the reasons that people love social networking too. You can connect easily with people; let them know about updates in an instant. Social networking can assist get new customers and inform old customers of new products and services, making them even better customers. If you aren't into social networking, start making your plan today - before your competition does! Social Networking Automated Posting

Get to know the top SEO

There are some SEO tools designed to offer solutions to the various needs of site optimization. They give you some assistance at every phase of SEO beginning with keyword research to the keywords to the analysis of SEO campaign results. The following are top SEO resources that will greatly […]

There are some SEO tools designed to offer solutions to the various needs of site optimization. They give you some assistance at every phase of SEO beginning with keyword research to the keywords to the analysis of SEO campaign results. The following are top SEO resources that will greatly help in any SEO campaign. 

SEMrush comes to mind at every point where the top SEO tools are mentioned. SEMrush is a most loved tool for SEO analysts. Its investigation reports convey data from various fields of research, for example, organic research, promoting research, display publicizing, backlinks, video promotion research, and keyword research. Utilized and endorsed by more than 500,000 clients, SEMrush is perfect if you need inside and out data in regards to your business' SEO campaign. 

XML Sitemaps Generators 
To ensure every one of your pages get crawled and indexed you ought to set sitemaps for your site. They resemble prepared to crawl networks for Google spiders that enable them to quickly discover what pages are in place and the ones that have been redesigned. Sitemaps can likewise be advantageous for human guests since they organize the entire structure of site's content and make site route a considerable measure less demanding. 

Google Keyword Tool 
Keywords establish the framework stone of each SEO campaign. Thus keywords uncovering and faceting is the underlying stride while in transit to Google's top. Google keyword tool help you with the keyword research process, it helps you identify the ideal keywords for your website. 

SEOprofiler furnishes you with a smart and powerful set of computerized tools to handle all your SEO needs effortlessly. It comes pressed with optimization tools for improving layout and coding of website pages making it less demanding for search engines to discover these. As an extra, it comes with a keyword research tool giving you a competitive edge as it continually monitors keywords being used by the competitors. SEO 

Importance of Web Services and Search Engine Optimization for your business

Search engine optimization is also known as SEO and it is a process of optimizing the website of your business so that it is visible to a large number of internet users. It also makes your business website accessible to the search engine by improving the quality and volume […]

Search engine optimization is also known as SEO and it is a process of optimizing the website of your business so that it is visible to a large number of internet users. It also makes your business website accessible to the search engine by improving the quality and volume of traffic to your website. But for this you will need to look for the most reliable and reputable web services that will help your website to rank higher in the search result page through algorithmic search results.


Search engine optimization helps your website to become popular among internet users so that you can earn more revenue and profit from the sales of your products and services. There are different types of search that is used by the web services for your business which include local search, image search and industry specific vertical search. SEO is a very effective marketing strategy that is used for increasing the relevancy and presence of your website among a wide customer base. It also involves structure, presentation and coding of your website along with its indexing so that it can rank higher on the search engine result pages. 


Webs services are very important for helping you survive in this competitive business place as it helps in adding competitive keywords in your website so that more users will become aware of your business, products and services. It is the best way of reaching a large number of customers so that you can get maximum profit from your business with the help of specified techniques and expert knowledge of the professionals of the webs services. They will make use of proven and time tested methods for optimizing your website so that you will be able to reach a large number of customers in a short duration of time. SEO


Philip Kotler: Marketing

America knows how to market itself, its products, and its ideas. For better or for worse, for richer or poorer, American marketing creativity, power, and prestige influence consumers the world over. Philip Kotler, best known for the marketing principle of the four Ps—product, price, promotion, and place—takes us on a guided tour of American marketing, including its origins and trends, its relationship to economics, and its criticisms. His talk will include examples of exemplary marketing. Kotler is professor of marketing at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, and his textbooks serve as the basis for graduate business programs worldwide.

Steve Jobs’ amazing marketing strategy – MUST WATCH

Steve Jobs shares his amazingly different approach to marketing and how he used it to build Apple into one of the largest companies in the world.

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To me….marketing is about values. This is a very complicated world. It’s a very noisy world. And we’re not going to get a chance to get people to remember much about us. No company is! And so, we have to be really clear on what we want them to know about us.

Now Apple, fortunately, is one of half-a-dozen best brands in the whole world. Right up there with Nike, Disney, Coke, Sony — it is one of the greats of the greats. Not just in this country, but all around the globe.

But even a great brand needs investment and caring if it’s going to retain its relevance and vitality. And the Apple brand has clearly suffered from neglect in this area in the last few years. And we need to bring it back!

The way to do that is NOT to talk about speeds and fees. It’s NOT to talk about bits and mega-hertz. It’s NOT to talk about why we are better than Windows.

The dairy industry tried for 20 years to convince you that milk was good for you. It’s a lie, but they tried anyway. And the sales were falling. And then they tried “Got milk” and the sales went up. “Got milk” wasn’t even talking about the product. In fact, it focuses on the absence of the product.

But the best example of all, and one of the greatest jobs of marketing that the universe has ever seen, is Nike. Remember, Nike sells a commodity. They sell shoes!!!

And yet, when you think of Nike you feel something different than a shoe company. In their ads, as you know, they don’t ever talk about the product. They don’t ever tell you about their air soles and why they are better than Reebok’s air soles.

What does Nike do in their advertising? They honor great athletes. And they honor great athletics. That’s who they are, that’s what they are about!

Apple spends a fortune on advertising — you’d never know it….you’d never know it!
So…when I got here, Apple just fired their agency and there was a competition with 23 agencies that…you know…four years from now we would pick one. And we blew that up and we hired ChiatDay, the ad agency that I was fortunate enough to work with years ago and created some award winning work including the commercial voted the best ad ever made, 1984 (by Advertising Professionals).

And…we started working about eight weeks ago, and the question we asked was, “Our customers want to know who is Apple and what is it that we stand for…where do we fit in this world?”

And what we’re about isn’t making boxes for people to get their jobs done — although we do that well. We do that better than almost anybody, in some cases.

But Apple is about something more than that! Apple at the core…its core value — is that, we believe that people with passion can change the world for the better. That’s what we believe!

And we have had the opportunity to work with people like that. We’ve had the opportunity to work with people like you; with software developers, with customers, who have done it. In some big, and some small ways.

And we believe that, in this world, people can change it for the better. And that those people who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world are the ones that actually do!

And so, what we’re going to do in our first brand marketing campaign in several years, is to get back to that core value!

A lot of things have changed. The market is in a total different place than where it was a decade ago. And Apple is totally different — and Apple’s place in it is totally different. And believe me, the products, and the distribution strategy, and the manufacturing are totally different…and we understand that.

But values and core values — those things shouldn’t change. The things that Apple believed in at its core, are the same things Apple really stands for today.

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WordPress Tutorial for Beginners 2015

WordPress has become the industry standard for building a website. There are tons of themes (both free and paid), plugins to jazz up your site, and endless customizations to explore. In this class which was taught live on June 6, 2015, Mark Collier and David A. Cox will show you the basics of how to navigate a WordPress website. Below there is a giant list of links and resources to help you on your journey.

Adding the Visual Composer plugin gives you the ability to add text, images, buttons, columns, and more by dragging and dropping. If the theme you’re using doesn’t have a similar feature, I highly recommend Visual Composer.

Bluehost: Who we recommend for Domains and Web Hosting

Three great resources for photos & graphics
Canva –
Deposit Photos –
Photo Dune –



X Theme:

Jupiter Theme:

Enfold Theme:


Simple Page Ordering:

WordPress SEO by Yoast:

Gravity Forms:

Clean Talk:

iThemes Security:



Mark’s Top 7 WordPress Plugins (VIDEO)

Your First WordPress Blog Post (VIDEO)

How To Make a WordPress Website – 2015

Learn how to create a website step by step with no step skipped. Why make your website just ok, when you can have an extraordinary WordPress website? This is the best I have ever done and I will show you how in under 3 hours.…

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Introduction 00:00:00
Overview & Costs 00:04:18
Get Domain Name & Hosting
Get Hosting & Domain Name 00:06:13
Get 35% Discount enter THIRTYFIVE 00:09:15

Install WordPress 00:10:41

Create Your Website

Login To WordPress 00:14:52
Change Password 00:15:47
Update WordPress 00:16:57
Uninstall Unnecessary Plugins 00:17:29
Get TESSERACT Theme 00:18:57
Install TESSERACT Theme 00:20:31
Header Navigation Colors 00:21:58
Navigation Link Colors 00:22:53
Site Title & Tagline 00:23:45
Remove Sample Page 00:24:29
Add All Pages 00:24:50
Add Menu 00:26:14

Build Home Page

Setup Home Page 00:27:55
Remove Sidebar 00:29:44
Add Plugins 00:30:52
Edit Home Page 00:35:16
Remove Title 00:38:14
Download Images 00:40:17
UnZip Images 00:42:12
Build Your Home Page 00:42:47
Add Logo 01:27:48
Create Credits Page 01:30:20
Add Footer Menu 01:31:57

Create About Page 01:33:31

Create Our Work Page 1:48:39

Build Services Page 01:57:13

Create Contact Page 02:09:17

Top Navigation Buttons 02:15:08
Social Media Icons 02:21:22
Make Headline Responsive 02:25:01
Background Position 02:26:22
Updating Your Theme 02:28:17
How To Make Great Looking Websites 02:29:28
Congratulations!! 02:31:01

How to Make a Website in 2 hours with WordPress without Coding

Learn how to create a website or build a blog on your own domain, with WordPress, without coding, all in under 2 hours.

This course will enable you to build a professional website on your own domain in less than a couple of hours AND teach you a skill set that will blow open your possibilities for entrepreneurship!

NOTE: Throughout my course you will be referred to video lessons. While everything in video lessons are as up to date as possible (I frequently update the video lessons), the place to check for the most up-to-date information is in the video descriptions (on the same page you watch the videos). This can be the video descriptions on the pages of the LIONS CLUB website, or the video description of the Udemy or YouTube pages. Be sure to read the video descriptions of each video before watching the video itself.

♫ What are the requirements?


♫ What am I going to get from this course?

Over 6 lectures and 3.5 hours of content!
To build a website or start a blog on your own domain using WordPress in under 2 hours.
What is the target audience?


♫ Curriculum

1. How to buy a domain, a hosting account, connect the two, and install WordPress.

2 How to add posts, pages, use widgets, add a sidebar, and add themes.

3 How to add social media buttons, a contact form, Google Maps, and PayPal buttons

4 How to set up a mailing list sign up form and automated newsletter.

The Complete Web Design Tutorials for Beginners in 30 Days

This Web Design Tutorials for Beginners will teach you HTML, HTML5, and Cascading Stylesheeyts (CSS).

I donot own this video. All copyrights belong to Tutsplus.

It is aimed at complete beginners to the subject, and assumes you have no knowledge of creating web pages. The course has been designed to work on just about any operating system.…

This Web design course will teach you how to build a website in 30 days. Ready to design your first website but not sure how to start? Ian Yates, Editor of Webdesigntuts+ and veteran web designer, walks you through every step of getting your first web design up and running. From the planning stages up until the pages go live, you’ll get expert guidance on how to make sure your first design gets done, and done right.

It will help you understand the functionality of a website, teach you to how to properly upload web-friendly files to the web, and how to use FileZilla to successfully upload your website online. Understand important concepts such as choosing the correct domain name and how to host your account. You will also learn new techniques on how to make money from your online web business.